1. Why did you start making Panadiol Salve? We believe in the powerful health benefits of CBD. After experiencing persistent back pain, we tried a wide variety of CBD salves and balms. We were not happy with the results, therefore we decided to design our own product which ended up exceeding our expectations.


  1. Can you tell me why there is a patent pending? Panadiol Salve has only five ingredients. Therefore, the unique formulation and manufacturing process was protected. It also prevents the consumer from finding inferior “knock-off” brands on the market.


  1. How can I be a distributor of Panadiol Salve? Here is a link to start the process: Wholesale Application Fill out the form and we will be in touch shortly to start your account. Also, you can reach Zach Williams via email at: zach@panadiol.care for any further questions.


  1. Is there any place I can buy it in a store rather than mail ordering it?  The vast majority of our sales are by mail order. Get in touch with us by email to find out if there are retail stores near you: zach@panadiol.care


  1. What is Nerolina? Nerolina is a tree that is primarily found in Australia. It is in the same family as the eucalyptus tree. The essential oils from Nerolina have many documented health benefits and it has a wonderful scent as well.


  1. After I left my jar out of the box for a while it started to turn pink. Is my Panadiol Salve going bad?  Not at all. It’s actually a sign that the ingredients are pure and that there are no preservatives in it that could potentially harm your skin. There are certain polyphenols in coconut that react to light and heat by turning pink. That is why you sometimes see on the label of coconut water a statement about it turning pink and not to worry. Oddly, it is the coconut products that don't turn pink that people should be worried about ingesting or applying. Keeping the bottle in a cool, dark place or in its box will prevent it from turning pink.


  1. Is there really that much CBD in the jar? Yes there is. We test our batches regularly and do the math to ensure that every jar going out the door meets or exceeds the claims of 5,000 milligrams per 2-ounce net weight jar. If you would like to take a look at a recent Certificate of Analysis (CoA), just click here: CoA


  1. Why do you use CBD isolate instead of hemp oil, CBD oil or some other type of cannabinoid mix in the salve’s manufacture? Purity, consistency and transparency. One doesn't always know what one is getting with hemp oil or other wide spectrum blends that claim to contain CBD. CBD isolate is composed of just CBD. While it is not 100% pure (perhaps 99.42%), the remaining roughly half a percent is CBDa (Cannabidiolic acid) or CBDv (Cannabidivarin), sister molecules to CBD. Hemp oil tends to only contain between 3% and 20% CBD, so if the container states "contains 1,000 milligrams hemp oil," the greatest amount of CBD in the product is a mere 200 milligrams.


  1. Common Uses for Panadiol Salve: Addressing discomfort in muscles and joints, soothing tired hands at the end of the work day, applying to skin irritations and aftercare for tattoos. Many massage and physical therapists use our product as well. Though safe, it is not intended for ingestion. Avoid the eyes. Anyone with allergies to the five ingredients listed should not use it as well.


  1. How often should I apply it? This varies depending on the person and level of discomfort. Two to four hours for some, up to twenty-four hours for others. Some have noticed that it has a cumulative affect as well. Others have noticed that an application helps to visibly improve potential scarring from cuts and abrasions, as well as noticing reductions in fine lines and wrinkles.